Ronie, Hazel, and Shelly at Long Mountain and Turkey Hill Pond

Location: Harriman State Park, Tuxedo NY

Hike distance: 3 miles

Hiking time: 2.5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

High point: 1155 feet

Elevation gain: 545 feet

This is a fairly short hike and perfect for a hot summer day. Most of the hike is in the shade and there is water access for your dog to cool off. From the parking lot, start on the teal-blazed Long Path (LP) going North into the woods. You will come across a juncture with the red-square-on-white Popolopen Gorge Trail (PG) on your right. Bear left and continue on the LP climbing to the summit of Long Mountain. After taking in the magnificent view, continue on the LP descending the mountain following a few switchbacks until you reach an unmarked woods trail right before the Deep Hollow Brook. Turn left onto this trail until you reach the LP and PG junction. Continue on PG to Turkey Hill Lake. There are multiple access points to the water as you walk around the lake. When you are done swimming and enjoying the peacefulness of the lake, retrace your steps back on PG. Once you reach the junction again, bear left on LP to return to the parking lot.


Trail Map