Is Outdoor Paws insured?

Yes, we are insured through Pet Sitters Associates.

How many dogs per trip?

4-6 dogs.

Where do you go?

We go to parks in Westchester/Rockland counties of New York. We also head to the beach occasionally.

How will my dog be transported?

Dogs are picked up and dropped off from your home and safely transported in our car. Curbside pick up and drop off will be necessary if parking is not available near your home. Dogs are secured to a seat belt tether.

How long is the entire excursion?

Dogs are picked up between 9am - 10:30am, engaged in about 3 hours of outdoor activities, and dropped off between 4:00pm - 5:30pm.

Will my dog be on a leash?

The first few trips are on a leash to familiarize a new dog with the environment and the process. The owner’s preference and dog’s temperament will determine when and if he or she will be off leash.

What if the dogs don't get along? 

We only introduce one new dog to a group at a time to ensure each dog has a great experience. We may move a dog to a different group if needed.

What about ticks?

We recommend that all dogs wear a tick repellent.

How will I get the post trip photos and videos?

The photos and videos will be posted on our blog.

How do I get started?

E-mail us details regarding your dog and location at anna@outdoorpawsny.com, or use the form on our contact page. We will get back to you shortly to set up a time to meet with you and your dog.