Molly and Hazel hiking the Island Pond Loop

Location: Harriman State Park, Tuxedo NY

Hike distance: 5 miles

Hiking time: 3.5 hours

Difficulty: Moderate

High point: 1175 feet

Elevation gain: 675 feet

This trail loops around Island Pond and provides several opportunities for your dog to swim. From the Elk Pen parking area head west on the white-blazed trail through the grassy meadow. You will quickly come to the junction with the red-blazed Arden-Surebridge trail (ASB). Bear right and continue on the ASB. A little further down, the ASB will split with the woods road and begin an ascent up Green Pond Mountain. Over a half mile into your hike, you will come across Island Pond Road on the left. Bear right and continue on the ASB until you come to a 3-way intersection. Turn left on the unmarked forest road towards Garfield Mine and Island Pond. As you approach the pond, you will discover a crumbling stone building that used to house park rangers around 1920. The rocky embankment right past the building is a perfect spot for your dog to swim. To continue the hike, return back to the ASB and hike for another mile until you reach Crooked Road on the northeast side of Island Pond. Follow this unmarked trail to reach the white-blazed Appalachian Trail (AT). Proceed left on the AT as it travels along the north shore of the pond with multiple access points. Follow the AT until you return back to the parking lot.


Trail Map